✍️Science Writing News Roundup #37 (March 30, 2021)

How to debunk misinformation about COVID, vaccines and masks + How to find and vet journal articles + Writing science-themed books for young people

Good Thinking: Why Flawed Logic Puts Us All at Risk and How Critical Thinking Can Save the World. We live in an era where access to all the knowledge in the world is at our fingertips, yet that also means misinformation and falsehoods can spread further and faster than ever before. In Good Thinking, David Robert Grimes shows how we can be lured into making critical mistakes or drawing false conclusions, and how to avoid such errors.

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  • Making the science of Covid clearer: As a science reporter for The New York Times, Apoorva Mandavilli knows the world of research, labs and technical papers. In an interview, she talks about when she realized she didn’t want to be a research scientist, what it’s like to send her own kids back to school and her favorite lowbrow television.

  • Plants and poems; The story of Professor Anne Osbourn’s Mock Orange. Anne Osbourn, who recently had a book of poetry published, has always been passionate about popular science writing and the links between science, writing, poetry and art.

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