How to write simple science news stories + Ukraine at war: What the country's science writers are doing.
Grants for your writing project +Learn the best practices of editing + How to find inspiration as a writer.
Covering mysterious hepatitis in kids + Tips and resources for pitching development stories + So you want to be an editor?
Online science writing course: What makes a good science story?
What you need to know about Omicron subvariants + How should scientists and journalists work together? + Tips for adding alternative text, or alt-text…
Writing with authority + How to be a science journalist + Why source diversity matters.
AAAS has announced this year’s cohort of Mass Media Fellows + Earth Day: Here are the environmental stories your audiences care most about.
Tools and tips for non-native English speakers + What the media can do to better communicate the next pandemic + Tips for talking about climate change.
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Science Writing News Roundup