5 things to know now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade + How to ensure diverse viewpoints in abortion coverage.
How do I pitch an idea to a science editor? + Important things to consider before you become a full-time freelance journalist.
The pitch as hypothesis: How stories evolve through reporting + New must-read book for reporters tackles ageism
Science must overcome its racist legacy + Tips to reduce cognitive biases + Writing workshop for journalists of color
Reporting on retractions + The science books you should read this year + Tips on how to translate scientific studies into news stories.
Calls for pitches + How to include diverse voices in your science stories + How to report on pre-prints.
How to write simple science news stories + Ukraine at war: What the country's science writers are doing.
Grants for your writing project +Learn the best practices of editing + How to find inspiration as a writer.
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Science Writing News Roundup